Fees, charges and cost recovery

Find out what the current application fees, charges and costs are for your activity or application, as well as information about how to pay.

Exclusive Economic Zone activities Plus

Some of the work we do to implement the EEZ Act* is paid for by parties using these services. Actual and reasonable costs incurred through our functions such as assessing applications or compliance monitoring are recovered in line with the EEZ Act. Our EEZ Cost Recovery Policy outlines our approach to cost recovery for these functions.

View the EEZ Cost Recovery Policy (pdf 126KB)

The hourly rates we charge are set out in the Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf (Fees and Charges) Regulations 2013.

Charge-out rates for EPA staff
Assessing applications
  Hourly rate ($NZ, excl. GST)
Principal Technical Advisor ​290.00
​Project Leader 140.80
Senior Advisor ​116.12
Advisor 103.75
Administrator 97.43
Compliance monitoring
  Hourly rate ($NZ, excl. GST)
Principal Technical Advisor ​232.00
​Project Leader 112.64
Senior Advisor 92.90
Advisor 83.00
Administrator 77.94
Burials at sea

We don't have a set rate for issuing certificates of compliance for burials at sea. The cost will depend on how much time it takes us to consider your proposal. In general, we expect the cost to be about $200-300 NZD.

*The Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf (Environmental Effects) Act 2012

Hazardous substances applications Plus

Talk to us before submitting an application so we can help determine which application type you should use, and what fees or costs would apply.

Import or manufacture in containment
Application type Fee ($NZ, incl. GST)
​Import into containment (field trial) ​575.00
​Import or manufacture in containment (export only) ​575.00
​Import or manufacture in containment (persistent organic pollutions) ​575.00
​Import or manufacture in containment (other purposes) 575.00
​Tranship a hazardous substance through New Zealand ​287.50
 Import or manufacture for release
Application type Fee ($NZ, incl. GST)
Notified (Category A)* ​3,450.00
​Notified (Category B)* ​5,750.00
​Notified (Category C)* ​17,250.00
Major Issue (likely to be more complex than Category C)* ​Negotiated
​Group Standard ​Negotiated
Import or manufacture for release in an emergency* ​8,265.00
​Import or manufacture for release in a special emergency No Charge

*These applications may be publicly notified if it is thought there will be significant public interest in the application. They may incur additional costs associated with advertising the application in the four main newspapers and conducting a hearing (if needed). We can provide you with an estimate of these costs before processing your application.

Rapid assessment for import or manufacture
Application type Fee ($NZ, incl. GST)
Least degree of hazard 575.00
Similar composition and hazardous properties 575.00
Reduced hazard 575.00
Other hazardous substance applications
Reassessment and amendments
Application type Fee ($NZ, incl. GST)
​Determine grounds for a reassessment 575.00
​Externally generated reassessment Negotiated
​Amendments requiring significant input 575.00
​Correction of minor errors 115.00
​Amendment to a Group Standard 3,450.00
Statutory determination and non-statutory advice
Activity Fee ($NZ, incl. GST)
Determine whether a substance is hazardous 1,150
Import certificate for explosives
Activity Fee ($NZ, incl. GST)
Standard explosives 115.00
Novelty fireworks 57.50
Import permits for asbestos-containing products
Activity Fee ($NZ, incl. GST)
Application - includes 2.5 hours of assessment 747.50
Additional assessment - per hour, pro rata 133.40
Activity Fee ($NZ, incl. GST)
Permissions* 575.00

* Some permissions have their fees waived

New organism applications Plus

Talk to us before submitting an application so we can help determine which application type you should use, and what fees or costs would apply. 

New Organisms (that are not genetically modified)
Import, ferment, regenerate, or field test in containment
Application type Fee (NZ$, incl. GST)
Publicly notified 11,500.00 + disbursements
​Non-notified 2,300.00
Release into the environment
Application type Fee (NZ$, incl. GST)
Release with controls Negotiated
​Release without controls 17,250.00 + disbursements
​Release with controls by rapid assessment 575.00
Release without controls by rapid assessment 575.00
Genetically Modified Organisms
Import into containment
Application type Fee (NZ$, incl. GST)
​Publicly notified 11,500.00 + disbursements
​​Non-notified 1,150.00
​Import by rapid assessment 575.00
Develop, regenerate, ferment and field test in containment
Application type Fee (NZ$, incl. GST)
​Publicly notified 11,500.00 + disbursements
​​Non-notified 2,300.00
Develop by rapid assessment 575.00
Field test and outdoor developments Negotiated
Release into the environment
Application type Fee (NZ$, incl. GST)
​Release with controls Negotiated
​​Release without controls Negotiated
Other GM and non-GM applications
Determine if organism is new or not
Application type Fee (NZ$, incl. GST)
​Determine if an organism is a new organism 1,150.00
Amend or reassess an existing approval
Application type Fee (NZ$, incl. GST)
​​Make a minor amendment to an approval 575.00
​​​Make a minor amendment to a rapid assessment approval 115.00
​Determine grounds for reassessment of an approval 575.00
​Reassessment of an approval Negotiated
Other release and containment approvals
Application type Fee (NZ$, incl. GST)
​​​Release in an emergency 11,500.00
​​​Release in a special emergency ​No charge
​Release a medicine that is or contains a new or GM organism 575.00
​Tranship a new or GM organism through New Zealand 1,150.00
Holders of delegated authority (IBSCs)
Application type Fee (NZ$, incl. GST)
​​​​Application for a delegation 575.00
​​​Amendment for a delegation 115.00
Renewal of a delegation for the same scope and terms 57.50
​Renewal of a delegation with significant changes 575.00
Audit of implementation of a delegation (maximum fee) 4,600.00
Nationally Significant Proposals Plus

We recover all actual and reasonable costs from the applicant when we administer proposals of national significance.

This includes any costs for providing secretarial and support services to a board of inquiry, and for making recommendations to the Minister for the Environment on applications.

We also recover costs for providing advice to potential applicants prior to a proposal being lodged with us, even if it is not subsequently lodged with the us.

To find out more about our policies, and about who and what is charged, you can read our factsheet and cost recovery policy.

Cost recovery policy for proposals of national significance (pdf 350KB)

Charge-out rates for EPA staff
  Hourly rate ($NZ, excl. GST)
Project Administrator 90.96
EPA Advisor 96.85
EPA Senior Advisor 108.43
Project Leader 131.43

How much will the Nationally Significant Proposal process cost? - factsheet (pdf 255KB)

Miscellaneous fees and charges Plus
Activity  Fee ($NZ, incl. GST)
Request further information or commission a report 115.00
Fee payments and refunds Plus
How to pay your fees and charges
Direct credit

Our bank account details are:

Account name Environmental Protection Authority
Bank Westpac Banking Corporation
Branch 318 Lambton Quay, Wellington New Zealand
Full account number 03-0584-0197707-00
Bank Number 03
Branch number 0584
Account number 0197707-00
Swift code WPACNZ2W
Payee reference include your application number

Email your remittance advice to finance@epa.govt.nz, stating the amount of payment, customer name, application number and application type e.g. Explosives Import Certificate.

When to pay your fee
Negotiated fees

Progress payments are required throughout the period it takes to process your application. A payment schedule is agreed at the time your fee is negotiated. We will invoice you for your initial payment. The initial payment is usually the fixed fee for the nearest comparable application type. Once we receive your initial payment we can formally receive your application.

Fixed application fees

We will invoice you once we confirm the type of application you have made, and determined how it will be processed. We cannot formally accept your application and begin processing it until payment has been received. 

If you are recognised as an approved customer, we can invoice your fee and you can pay it the following month.

Becoming an approved customer

If you consistently submit more than one application per month you can ask to be recognised as an approved customer. If accepted, you do not need to pay your fee each time you submit an application. Instead, we will invoice you on a monthly basis for all the applications you submitted in that month. You must pay the invoice by the 20th of the following month.

We will begin processing your application as soon as we receive it (provided that the application is complete and the form is signed).

To be accepted as an approved customer you must:

  • have submitted more than one application per month for the last six months.
  • have made all required payments at the time of submitting each application.

If you believe you are eligible for approved customer status please email us at HSapplications@epa.govt.nz. Your email should include evidence that you've submitted the required number of applications, and have made the required number of payments.

To remain an approved customer, you must:

  • have submitted more than one application per month over the last six months.
  • paid each invoice by the 20th of the following month.

We may remove your approved customer status if you don’t continue to meet the above criteria.

Refunding your fees

Once your application is formally received your fee will not be refunded. However, there are some circumstances where we may partially or totally refund a fee. These are:

  • When an application is not formally accepted by us. If payment was made in anticipation of acceptance, the fee will be refunded.
  • When the application has special features, or where the actual costs are substantially less than other applications of the same type (for example, for a publicly notified application that does not require a hearing).

All refunds will be processed after a decision is made about the application.

No refunds will be given for hazardous substance Compliance Approvals, Waivers and Licences once processing has begun.

Other information about fees and charges Plus
The principles we use to set our prices

We use six pricing principles to set the fees and charges that were agreed by the Government in August 2003. The principles state that prices should:

  • reflect actual costs
  • not discourage applicants
  • ensure predictability
  • recognise public benefits
  • enable us to anticipate planned legislative change
  • not be a barrier to growth and innovation.

We aim to strike a balance between the first principle – the cost to process applications – and the remaining five that focus on encouraging and supporting the application process.

Application fees vary depending on the complexity of the application, processing time, and whether it's publicly notified or not. If fees change you will be charged the fee that applied at the time you submitted your application.

Why some fees are negotiated

Most of our applications have fixed fees. But for some applications the fee is listed as “negotiated”. These are mostly unique applications where there have been too few instances of that application type to establish a history of costs. The fee is determined on an individual basis, after consultation with you and prior to your application being processed.

The best way to determine what your application fee will be is to talk to us as early as possible, before you start preparing your application.

Disbursement charges

Some applications have a fixed fee plus disbursements. These are usually applications that are publicly notified and the disbursements can include costs incurred to notify the application. This may be an advertisement in the four main national newspapers.

The disbursements associated with a negotiated fee are also for advertising the application but may also include some of the costs for a public hearing (if one is needed). Any costs incurred from engaging consultants and external experts to provide further information will be on-charged to you as they are charged to us. We will provide an estimate of disbursement costs before you submit your application.

Further information requests

As far as possible, we will identify all the information you need to provide in your application before it is formally accepted. But occasionally we need to request further information after receiving your application. We can only do this within the first 10 working days after it has been formally accepted.

If you are unable or unwilling to provide the requested information, we may charge you the additional costs incurred to seek the information ourselves. The cost of securing the information will be charged at the standard hourly rate. You can ask for an estimate of the additional costs you are likely to be charged.