• Biocontrol for Chilean needle grass

    New organisms

    We received an application to release a rust fungus to control Chilean needle grass.

  • Closing in on feral cats

    Hazardous substances

    We're now considering submissions made on an application to change the regulations relating to the use of PredaSTOP.

  • EPA to consider methyl bromide alternative

    Hazardous substances

    Draslovka, a Czech-based firm, has applied for approval to register and import ethanedinitrile (EDN) into New Zealand as an alternative to the fumigant methyl b...

  • OMV New Zealand Limited

    EEZ marine activities

    On 27 March 2018, OMV New Zealand Limited lodged an application with the EPA for a marine discharge consent.

  • Proposal to combat horehound

    New organisms

    We are considering an application to introduce two moths into New Zealand to combat horehound.

  • Proposal to increase HSNO fees


    The consultation period on our proposal to increase the fees for hazardous substances and new organisms applications is now closed.

  • Proposals to change new organism status

    New organisms

    We are now processing and reviewing each of the written submissions on proposals to remove the new organism status of five species already present in New Zealan...

  • Request for feedback on our risk assessment guide

    Hazardous substances

    We received 18 submissions on this consultation. The consultation period is now closed.

  • Samurai to slay stink bug

    New organisms

    Your views were sought on an application to introduce Samurai wasp into New Zealand.

  • Tamarind Taranaki Limited

    EEZ marine activities

    On 8 March 2018, Tamarind Taranaki Limited lodged applications for marine consent and marine discharge consent for development drilling activities in the Tui Fi...