Request for feedback on our risk assessment guide

We’re sharing information about how we evaluate the risks and benefits of hazardous substances, and want your feedback.

Our risk assessment guide explains how we evaluate applications to import or manufacture new hazardous substances, and how we re-evaluate the risks and benefits of approved substances. The guide includes details about the models and parameters we use, and the sort of information we need for these evaluations.

We want to be transparent about our work, and this document could also help applicants carry out their own risk assessments as part of their product development, to include with their future applications.

We would like to know if this guide makes our risk assessment approach and processes understandable, and whether it gives enough information to help applicants.

Consultation documents

Consultation information (pdf 182KB)

Assessing the risks of hazardous substances - Consultation draft (pdf 273kb)

Risk assessment methodology for hazardous substances - Consultation draft (pdf 2.30MB)

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Your feedback is important as it will enable us to make more informed decisions on the final content of the proposed methodology. Please take this opportunity to have your say.

You can provide comment by making a submission on your own behalf, or as a member of an organisation.

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Letters should be addressed to: Environmental Protection Authority, Private Bag 63002, Wellington 6140

Submissions close 5pm on Friday 6 July 2018.